PhD Project:

Assessing the collective action of urban traders in resisting dispossession (for example, market demolitions) in Lagos. (In Progress)

Ongoing Research:

Studying market demolitions in Lagos, Nigeria. (With Meredith Startz & Eric Chyn)

Published Perspectives on Social Issues:

"3 things to know about Nigeria's Twitter ban." The Monkey Cage. The Washington Post. 15 June 2021. (With Shelby Grossman and Lindsay Hundley)

Selected Publications:

"Sampling methods for informal urban populations." Spring 2020. Comparative Politics Newsletter. (With Shelby Grossman)

International Growth Center policy brief: COVID-19 impact on Nigerian wholesale and retail trade. 2020. (With Shelby Grossman and Meredith Startz)

Research Note for the Centre on Economic Policy Research’s Private Enterprise Development in Low Income Countries - "How COVID-19 has affected Lagos traders: Findings from high frequency phone surveys." 2021. (With Shelby Grossman and Meredith Startz)

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